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Family Law Solutions Mediation Services For You

Let mediation attorney Anne B. Howard help you handle your case so you can stay out of court. Mediator Anne Howard has more than 30 years of experience in family law and is proud to assist families in resolving their issues with the support of the Court.

Family Law Services We Offer


From the money you’ll save on trial attorneys to the flexibility of agreement terms, there are many reasons to consider mediation instead of litigation. Attorney Anne can help you find a resolution.

Marital Agreements

Effective pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements are an important part of protecting your assets. If you have assets you want to keep separate, Anne can help you make an effective marital agreement.

Estate Planning

You worked hard to get where you are and you should be able to trust that your legacy will be protected after you’re gone. Estate planning can ensure your wishes are followed.

A Family Law Attorney You Can Count On

With nearly four decades of experience in family law, attorney Anne B. Howard has the insights needed to help you reach an agreement for legal concerns. From effective pre-nuptial agreements to reliable wills, Anne can handle your family law issues with compassion and respect.

If you need assistance with a family law or estate planning issue, reach out to Anne B. Howard for mediation services.