Mediation Costs in Vista, California | Anne B. Howard Family Law & Mediation

Mediation Pricing

Attorney Anne B. Howard provides a complimentary 15-minute consultation to explain the mediation process. Consultations may be in person in Vista, over or over the telephone.




Funding may be available through third-party*


Attorney Anne gives a 5% discount for military members, first responders and their spouses; and for families whose total gross income is less than $45,000 per year (subject to proof by way of tax returns).


Meeting and mediation time, settlement negotiations, document preparation (one draft and one final document) and submission to Court of paperwork required to get a Judgment of Dissolution/Legal Separation/Paternity or Stipulation and Order.


If mediation is successful: in divorce cases you will end up with a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage; in paternity cases you will end up with a Paternity Judgment; and in cases where there is already a Judgment of Dissolution, you will end up with a Stipulated Agreement and Court Order.


Additional mediation/document review time/deed preparation is available at a rate of $275 per hour. Additional time may be required if the parties are having difficulty reaching a settlement or want Attorney Anne to review extensive documents such as previous court documents when the parties have an existing court case.


1.Expert fees, for example financial, real estate or other experts.

2.Court filing fees, both the initial filing fee and filing agreement fee. Currently, in San Diego, for divorces the cost is about $500. For Stipulated Agreements in San Diego, the Court filing fees are under $50 if a case has already been filed. Filing fees vary depending on the County where documents are being filed.

3.Retirement division documents such as QDRO’s. Attorney Anne will refer you to attorneys who specialize in these documents.

4.Extensive document review of existing case file. This is available at an $300 hourly rate and is not included in the flat fee.

5.Communication with third parties.

6.Translation costs.

7.Notary fees and other costs.

8.Preparation of real estate deeds.